Call For Workshop Papers

WPMC 2016, 14 - 16 November, 2016

All workshop papers should be submitted via EDAS using Please also make sure to follow the Submission Guidelines.

Important Dates


Main Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Machine-Type Communications

  • Access network technologies
  • Channel and traffic models
  • Spectrum management
  • RFID, sensors, actuator technologies
  • Network infrastructure
  • Architectures and systems
  • Circuit and system design for smart objects
  • Security, trust, and privacy issues for devices and services
  • Cloud computing interworking
  • Naming, address management and end-to-end addressability
  • Semantic technologies
  • Smart grids and smart spaces

Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization

  • Network architecture and protocols
  • SDN based network QoS
  • Deployment models and scenarios
  • Network visualization
  • SDN network orchestration
  • Network Function Chaining
  • Network Service Chaining
  • SDN or NFV approaches for high throughput
  • SDN or NFV approaches for low latency
  • SDN or NFV approaches for Big Data
  • SDN and NFV based cloud computing
  • SDN and NFV enabled infrastructure or cloud managers